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  1. Color Consultation
    Color Consultation
    At Picasso Bros, we know what it’s like to have a dream for your house—and we know what it’s like to go into a paint store to try to find a matching color. You’re never quite sure which is the right color, and you probably wish there was a professional you could turn to for help. Luckily, there is! We’re proud to offer our professional and experienced color consulting experts. Our experienced designers will visit your home, look at the space, and ask you questions to make sure we find the right color for you and your home. Some of the important factors our color consultants consider when providing color suggestions for your home include: purpose/function of given space, amount of light, architecture, and furniture color/decor. Our services include: Insight on the latest color trends A match for your pre-existing decor Helpful guidance to find your own personal style A professional and friendly opinion on the color choices you’ve already made
  2. Commercial
    What we do: Painting Block, Brick, Concrete, Drywall & Plaster - Structural Steel Painting Corrosion Control - Rust Encapsulation Elastomeric & Urethane Coatings - Power Washing - Graffiti Removal - Stripping & Refinishing Woodwork Door & Window Painting - Concrete Crack Repair - Waterproofing -Caulking & Sealants Where we do it: HOAs & Multi-Family-Corporate Offices High Rise Bldgs - Schools Churches - Restaurants - Hotels Health Care Facilities - Malls - Retail Facilities - Local Chain Stores Retirement & Assisted Living Facilities
  3. Carpentry & Drywall
    Carpentry & Drywall
    We have a specialized crew that can hang, tape and texture your drywall project. Have some stucco or E.I.F.S. to do? We have a guy. Do you put a mirror over a hole in your door? How about upgrading and installing a new door and/or trim? We have a guy. Ready for some crown molding to make your room pop? We have a guy. If you need something done on your project, we either have someone capable of doing it or know a fellow contractor that can.
  4. Faux Finishes
    Faux Finishes
    Ready to make your house a home? Let your imagination run from the 'white wall' syndrome and go for the look you've always dreamed of. We create innovative faux finishes custom designed to complement your decor. We offer a broad spectrum of faux techniques such as; -Venetian Plasters - Stone finishes - Gilding - Antiquing and Glazing - Parchment - Color washing/multi color Glaze - Sponging/ Rag rolling - Murals - and many more...
  5. Residential Exteriors
    Residential Exteriors
    We are painting experts with a thorough understanding of wood, metal, and concrete surfaces. Each crew has extensive experience with different types of paints and stains, and is skilled in all application techniques. From scraping, and wood preparation to the final coat of paint, we provide the utmost in care and quality. If you've been thinking of brightening up your home, now is the time to do it! - pressure washing, scraping, sanding and complete preparation -Light carpentry and repair - Glass replacement - Exterior painting, staining and deck refinishing
  6. Residential Interior
    Residential Interior
    Your home, to borrow from the poet, contains multitudes: its exterior the backdrop for summer cookouts and winter wonderlands, its interior the unfolding of hearth, warmth, and style. At Picasso Bros., our expert professionals bring a wealth of individual concentration, personal interest, and studied craftsmanship to bear upon your house painting project - our services comprise solutions to all of your interior; - impeccable preparation and protection - Plaster and drywall repairs/ texturing - Faux finishes and specialty coatings - Interior cabinets, trim, walls, and ceiling painting