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"More Than Just a Paint Job - It's a Work of Art"
How Can We Help You?
  1. Interior and Exterior Residential Projects
    Interior and Exterior Residential Projects
    In every detail of every project, Picasso Bros. is devoted to the utmost professionalism and superior results. As a full-service painting contractor, we cut no corners, every employee is thoroughly trained, and we use only premium products and superior painting techniques so that each customer can truly expect brilliance!
  2. Commercial Projects
    Commercial Projects
    From railings to roller coasters, hospitals to hotels, Picasso Bros. has the expertise and equipment to do the job right. We adapt to the unique scheduling and project needs of each client to minimize disruption and maximize results. Safety is #1 when it comes to the public and everyone on the job. That's why we have on-going safety training meetings conducted by our very own safety committee.
About Us
"Almost 30 years ago when I was an apprentice painter, everyone called me "Picasso". When I moved to Missoula in 1989, I wanted to open up a company featuring the best painters around, a "Brotherhood of the Brush" if you will. That's when Picasso Bros came to be. A collective of awesome painters. We continue to strive to be the best, always learning new ideas and techniques, always looking for ways to help a customer with their painting needs."  - Damien

Picasso Bros Painting Co. is a fully licensed, insured and registered contractor in the State of Montana. We only use quality paints, with products recommended by the supplier for that particular application, to give a long lasting, beautiful paint job. Guaranteed. If your "other" painter is using cheap paint, can you guess how it will perform?

When you're planning a project, or are just curious about one, let the Picasso Bros. Team answer your questions, provide you with valuable information, and even let you know what it should cost. To schedule a brief appointment with a residential or commercial painting expert, contact us today at (406) 493-0040.
Why should you hire Picasso Bros.?
  • Reputation: We are prompt, reliable, and professional
  • Service: We are courteous, and produce quality work while keeping the customer in mind
  • Guarantee: We stand behind our work for a minimum of 2 years
  • Knowledge: We are members of the PDCA and we adhere to a higher standard and code of ethics
  • Quality: Products and craftsmanship that last for years to come
  • Value: You get what you paid for, on budget and on time
  • Safety: An OSHA approved safety program
  • Training:  We are constantly learning new and better techniques to offer the best painting in Missoula
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